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CIT Executive Insights Video Series Examines Equipment Leasing Opportunities in Asia
Universal Uses for Equipment Leasing
Benefits of Equipment Leasing
Growth Opportunities in China
Tuesday, April 10, 2012 08:30 AM
Managing Director, CIT Vendor Finance, Asia (Photo: Business Wire
This is especially important to small- and medium-sized enterprises. They can increase their efficiencies, while not incurring a big capital investment up front.

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Over the last decade, the leasing market in Asia has evolved and businesses have become more sophisticated as they recognize the benefits of using operating leases, which can significantly lower monthly payments and may offer tax advantages. Leasing also helps increase business productivity and removes the hassle of having to dispose of the equipment at the end of its lifecycle according to Adrian Pang,Managing Director, CIT Vendor Finance, Asia at CIT Group Inc.(NYSE: CIT), a global leader in vendor financing. This topic is one of many discussed in Equipment Leasing Opportunities in Asia (, the latest in a series of in-depth executive video Q&As featured in the CIT Executive Insights series (

Universal Uses for Equipment Leasing

Leasing is not restricted to a small subset of any kind of equipment. It can apply to any industry and to any equipment. Pang explains, “I always tell people, if you walk into any office, the photocopiers, the phone systems, they can be leased. In a manufacturing environment, in the factories on your production line, your important capital-intensive equipment can be leased.“

Benefits of Equipment Leasing

One of the key benefits for customers is that they can acquire the equipment and increase their productivity, but pay for it over time. Pang explains, “This is especially important to small- and medium-sized enterprises. They can increase their efficiencies, while not incurring a big capital investment up front.”

Growth Opportunities

There are several opportunities, in China in particular, in which the equipment leasing market can grow. Pang sites two initiatives currently underway in China. “In China, the government is strongly pushing an initiative to digitize all medical and patient records at hospitals….. Another initiative is called Safe City. The government will be installing surveillance cameras in all major cities, which are then connected to a control center. So in the event of a disaster, or even small matters like traffic accidents, the control center can react properly.”


Individuals can go to Equipment Leasing Opportunities in Asia (, to view the complete video. Other recent video Q&As featured in the CIT Executive Insights series ( include: the 2012 Global Commercial Aviation Industry Outlook and the 2012 U.S. Energy Sector Outlook.

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